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Taking the train remains the quickest and inexpensive way to take trips to other cities during the week-ends. For example the visitor is recomended to visit Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Bruxelles or Luxembourg.
There is a regular traffic to those destinations, but depending on the hour you're leaving, your ticket is more or less expensive. For any information, you can contact the SCNF national phone number at: 0 891 67 68 69 to purchase your tickets.
The Metz train station (La Gare SNCF) is directly reachable at: 03 87 38 00 00.
Provided that those phone services are not translated in English, the safest way to book a ticket may be to go directly to the station or use the SNCF English-translated website:



If you find yourself completely lost in town or have to quickly go somewhere, you can easily call one of the taxis of Metz.
You can almost allways find some taxis outside the train station. But if you are somwhere else and can't find any taxis you can call for one, simply dial: 03 87 56 91 92.


For international destinations, the best way to go is via Luxembourg International Airport. As Luxembourg is a capital, this airport is very busy. However, it's really small and you can't get lost there. For more information log on to
Other main places to fly from are: Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly in Paris, but also Strasbourg which is smaller but has international traffic.
If you want to fly and discover other parts of France, the closest airport is Metz-Nancy-Lorraine and it's mainly for tourist destinations and domestic flights. There is a special bus links the train station to that airport. You can contact them by calling: 03 87 56 70 00.

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